At AbbVie we recognize and appreciate the power of ideas and research outside our organization and we are committed to working together with academic and industrial partners, government and non-profit organizations to improve the health of patients everywhere.  We're always looking for innovation and new partnership opportunities in specific areas of therapeutic and technology focus that we believe will make the most significant impact on the disease and its management.  In addition, we work together with partners to seek innovative research tools and technologies to support our therapeutic small molecule and biologic research and development efforts.

Open Innovation Programs Open Innovation Programs

Compound Toolbox

We provide potent, selective, well characterized tool compounds or probes that can be utilized to conduct preclinical research... Learn More

Other Open Innovation Concepts

We are considering additional open innovation concepts to enable mutually-beneficial collaborations with investigators in areas of interest to AbbVie. Please respond here if you are interested in seeing additional offerings.

Partnering with AbbVie Partnering with AbbVie

We are passionate about translating science into effective medicine and becoming a true, valued partner for the organizations we work with…. Learn More